9 Absolutely Breathtaking Mountain Wedding Locations

For adventurers looking to get married in the mountains.

Have you ever thought about getting married in the mountains? Or maybe you’re interested in making your wedding day a little more adventurous?

My heart HURTS when I see those stunning photos of a brides and groom at the top of a mountain, her wedding dress flowing in the wind, and his dreamy eyes looking perfectly into hers. If you picture yourself having a wedding day like this, you’re not alone.

Getting married in the mountains, at the top of a peak or deep in the valley, is not a far-fetched dream anymore. People across the country are choosing to get married in national parks, international mountain ranges and small mountain towns.

As elopements and small weddings are becoming more popular, people using the outdoors as an alternative to the traditional wedding venues (If you’re unfamiliar with the term elopement, read more this alternative wedding experience here).

wedding bride standing on a row boat in the middle of the lake with the mountains above her

Mountain weddings can include a 6-mile hike or a 30 minute stroll from the parking lot to a beautiful vista. Imagine yourself standing across from your significant other, surrounded by the vastness of the mountains and peaceful serenity of nature. If you know the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude from making it to the top of a peak or looking up at the mountains in all their beauty, how could you imagine getting married anywhere else?

So if you’re sold on an adventurous wedding day in the mountains, the next thing to figure out is where you want to go. Good news is… when nature is your wedding venue, the options are ENDLESS.

Whether you’re bringing your family along, or just want a wedding day for you two, check out my 9 breathtaking locations for your future mountain wedding:

Dolomites - Italian Alps:

The Dolomites are located in the Northeast Italy as a part of the Alps mountain range. This charming mountain range is filled with rolling green hills, quaint mountain towns, and endless pizza. I swear there are more hiking trails THAN ROADS in the Dolomites.

The Dolomites has hiking trails for all experience levels along with gondolas and trams (for times when you need a break from hiking straight uphill… aka me half the time). Not only does the Dolomites have UNREAL mountain views, there are also dozens of bright-blue lakes such as Lago Di Braies to have your ceremony at.

1. Val Gardena

Val Gardena is a valley in the Dolomites made up of 3 villages. This spot is perfect for exploring the Italian Alps by car and by foot. There are so many places to explore as you drive through the mountains. As for the hiking, this area is known for its thousands of hiking trails along with gondola rides and trams to the top of difficult spots.

mountain wedding location- val gardena, mountains surrounding a valley
hiker standing over mountains

2. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo path is a famous loop in the Dolomites, ‘Tre Cime’ standing for three peaks, this trail is surrounded by green valleys and 360 degree views of rocky peaks. This location is amazing for a sunrise or sunset to avoid any crowds and experience the glistening sun on these rock formations. 


3. Lago Di Braies

Now if you’ve ever seen anything in the Italian Dolomites, it’s probably been a picture from this stunning lake. All I can say is, the real thing lives up to the hype, and there is a reason why it’s so popular. The hike is BEYOND easy, aka you are basically walking from the parking lot to get the best view. There’s an option to rent the most aesthetically pleasing row boats on the lake, which I HIGHLY recommend. 


Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite National Park is one of the most common mountain destinations for a wedding, and it’s with good reason. Yosemite is MASSIVE with dozens of locations to explore and say your vows at. Some places are easily accessible by car, while others are a few hour hike that is always worth it at the top. 

4. Taft Point

Taft Point is known for its iconic views of El Capitan and the rest of Yosemite’s Vistas. This is the perfect location for a sunset wedding or elopement. With a mild, 2-mile round trip hike from the parking lot, Taft Point’s views really are worth every step. 


5. Glacier Point

Glacier Point is a lookout of similar views as Taft Point, just lower elevation and there is a stone wall in front of the view. With a straight-on view of Half Dome and Lower Yosemite Valley, this spot is great for anyone looking for an accessible wedding location with unreal views. 


6. Lower Yosemite Falls 

If you’re a big waterfall fan, Lower Yosemite Falls is an easy trail that starts in Yosemite Valley and brings you all the way up to Lower Yosemite Falls. If you go at the right time of year (late spring and early summer) the powerful waterfall will be spritzing you as you get close to it.


New Zealand - South Island:

Yes I know… South Island New Zealand is basically half a country, but there is plenty to see within a few hour drive of each other. The best part about New Zealand is that basically anything you drive by is so breathtakingly beautiful that even your journey to different locations is its own adventure. I’ve included my top 3 recommendations for spots to have your mountain wedding at in the South Island.

7. Aoraki Mount Cook 

Aoraki Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand. This mountain is surrounded by UNREAL blue lakes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, it has plenty of hiking trails for all levels. With scenic bridges and mountain lilies, this spot really has it all for mountain destinations.


8. Roy’s Peak 

If you are an experienced hiker you may have heard of Roy’s Peak in New Zealand. The end point, aka Roy’s Peak, is an iconic photo that is worth the 5-6 hour hike. This spot is for those looking for a more adventurous mountain wedding location. Roy’s Peak is located in the Wanaka region, which has the famous Wanaka Tree on Wanaka lake, and is known for its beautiful scenery. 


9. Queenstown 

Queenstown NZ is known to be the adventure capital of New Zealand. It is located on Lake Wakatipu at the start of the Southern Alps, with a fun ski-town vibe and adventurous activities throughout. Couples looking for a more adventurous mountain wedding, I ALWAYS recommend bungee jumping in Queenstown. If you’re up for a real adventure together, you can always be attached to each other and jump off at the same time (what a way to start off a marriage).


UGH. AREN’T THESE SPOTS SO BEAUTIFUL?? Those are my top 9 locations for a mountain wedding. If you have any cool spots you recommend, leave them down in the comments below! If you’re in the process of planning a mountain elopement or wedding, get in touch! I work with couples all over the country to help plan and photograph their dream wedding adventure.


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