Hey, I’m Amanda

I’m an adventurous travel elopement photographer who believes in experiencing all that life has to offer. I do not see the value in objects, but rather in experiencing moments and developing relationships with others. I’m a thrill seeker whose jumped off bridges, climbed mountains, and circumnavigated the world in 6 months.

grand canyon elopement photographer smiling in the valley

One of my hidden talents is planning unique travel adventures. I love to find the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ local restaurants or secluded hikes where you’re the only person on the trail. I’m an expert in finding Airbnbs that overlook the whole city of Madrid or have an infinity pool with a 360 degree view, on the top of a Costa-Rican mountain.



Life is all about experiencing the present moment.

One reason I fell in love with photography is because it encapsulates life’s moments. Photos stop time and candidly capture memories that will be with you forever.

i believe YOUR WEDDING DAY SHOULD BE AS adventurous, as breathtaking, and unique as you want it to be.

Life is made up of moments, and when we are old and wrinkly, I want you to look back on life and remember all of the crazy & amazing memories you had, not the things you owned.

I want to work with couples to design their ‘perfect day’ that they didn’t even think was possible. I am so excited to hear more about you two as a couple and help create the perfect adventure for both of you.

grand canyon elopement photographer smiling at camera next to red rocks
grand canyon elopement photographer looking away from camera wearing a hat and looking out into the canyon.


a few fun facts about me:

  1. My home base is in nyc, but i am traveling at least one week out of every month

  2. I love margaritas… all kinds… but especially frozen strawberry margaritas

  3. I have strong love for Grey’s Anatomy, have seen all 15 seasons multiple times

  4. i once got attacked by a monkey in Thailand- (you’ll need to ask for more details)

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